A Huge Thanks to Marielle @ Miss Beretta Illustration!

Many of you have commented how much you like my new header and some of you have even recognized the work of the talented artist who created it for me.  She is none other that Marielle Reuser @ Miss Beretta Illustration.  What a joy it was to work with Marielle as she manifested the header I had envisioned, almost since my first post a year ago. As much as I have enjoyed nurturing my blog, I have always felt that something was lacking to capture the flavour of Foodie On Board.  Well, from the initial sketches, I knew that Marielle was the artist who could correct this for me.  I approached her with my ideas and she just flew with them. I just love her sense of style, colour, and attention to the small details that have given my header its character and captured the spirit of my blog.  Not only that, Marielle is just so nice to work with; so kind and accommodating.  I am so happy with my new header that I could do a little dance!, or sing a little song!  But lest I look like a complete fool, I am sending Marielle a pretty flower from my garden, just to show my thanks.  I am also sending you all over to her blog to check out her work.  Hey, maybe she could do something for you, like she has done for me and some of our other blogging buddies, like Prudy, Justine and Patty.  Please do check out her work; I know you will be completely impressed by her talent.

Thanks again, Marielle.  I have just loved working with you and I really love what you have created for my blog!

Thank-you so much, Marielle! I really appreciate what you've done for my blog!

Thank-you so much, Marielle! I really appreciate what you’ve done for my blog!

32 Responses to “A Huge Thanks to Marielle @ Miss Beretta Illustration!”

  1. flavourphotos

    Love it!! What a talented lady. I recognised the work from Prudy’s blog and have gone to check out Marielle’s site – just can’t believe how varied her style is!

  2. Marielle

    Thank you for sharing my work, Julianna! Really nice to see all the comments!


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