Mascarpone Stuffed Biscotti Pears with Dulce de Leche

Biscotti Pears

Biscotti Pears with Dulce de Leche, Stuffed with Mascarpone

Human creativity is mind-boggling, isn’t it? And never before have we had access to so many creative ideas. Of course all this is wonderful, but it can be so overwhelming as we sift through image, after pin, after post, trying to decide what we want to do with those plump, juicy pears that we just picked up at the market.  I will be honest with you, I have been eyeing this recipe for a few years now in, ”The Girls Who Dish, Seconds Anyone?” by Karen Barnaby et al. Finally, this week I got off my butt to challenge my baking skills. I was really worried that it would be difficult to wrap the pears in the biscotti and that I would end up with a crumbly mess on the bottom of the oven, but this recipe is deceptively simple. The cookie dough is very forgiving, and you will feel like an accomplished sculptor as you create this impressive dessert! What’s not to love about it? Sweet pears, wrapped in fragrant biscotti, filled with fluffy mascarpone, on a bed of caramelly dulce de leche.  Ahh,  heaven!

I will be sharing this post with everyone at Fiesta Friday this week. I have the honour of co-hosting Angie’s mind-boggling blog party this week with Zeba of Food for the Soul. You must check out her very delicious site.  Please come and join us! We promise you endless amounts of creativity to feast your eyes on! Check out the guidelines here.

I will also share this post with my friends at Throwback Thursday, Foodie FriiDIY, and Saucy Saturdays.


Mascarpone Stuffed Biscotti Pears with Dulce de Leche

  • Difficulty: Moderate
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¼ cup unsalted butter, softened

6 tablespoons sugar

1 egg

½ teaspoon anise seed

¼ teaspoon orange zest

1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 ¼ cups all-purpose flour

½ teaspoon baking powder

pinch sea salt

1/3 cup finely chopped toasted hazelnuts

4 firm pears with long stems

½ cup mascarpone cheese

dulce de leche


In a medium bowl, beat together the butter and 5 tablespoons of the sugar. Add the egg, anise seed, orange zest, and vanilla extract. In a separate bowl, stir together the flour, baking power, salt and hazelnuts. Add it to the creamed butter and mix to form a dough. Divide the dough into 4 equal portions and wrap in plastic and set aside.

Peel the pears, leaving the stems intact. Use a melon baller to scoop out the cores of the pears. Slice a bit off the bottom of the pears so that they will stand up- right in a baking dish. Use a paper towel to dry the outside of the pears.

Preheat the oven to 325°F. Line a baking sheet with non-stick baking paper.

On a lightly floured surface, roll out each portion of biscotti into disks, 1/8 inch thick. Use a small paring knife to cut a small slit into the centre of each disk. Place the stem through the slits in the disks. Mold the dough around each of the pears and pinch the dough around the stems to secure. Patch up any holes or tears as you go. Do not fill the inside of the pears. Leave the core opening bare. Stand the pears up on a baking sheet. Mist the outsides of the pears with water, using a spray bottle. Sprinkle with the remaining 1 tablespoon of sugar. Bake the pears until golden brown, about 50 minutes. Transfer carefullu t a cooling rack.

Using a plain tipped nozzle, fill a pastry bag with the mascarpone and pipe into the holes of the pears.

Warm the ducle de leche gently in a microwave oven. Place a generous amount of dulce de leche on each of four plates. Place the pears on each of the plates. Pass extra dulce de leche to serve.

Your guests will be so impressed!

Your guests will be so impressed!


57 Responses to “Mascarpone Stuffed Biscotti Pears with Dulce de Leche”

  1. Jess

    I”m certainly impressed! This reminds me of a recipe I’ve seen on the Great British Baking Show and many of the contestants struggled to pull it off successfully. Great job 😀

  2. petra08

    oh yum! All those delicious flavors and it looks soooo good! And yes am happy to have some extra dulce de leche!!
    Thanks for co hosting FF! Friday night is here and have a lovely weekend! 🙂 x

  3. Loretta

    Art on a plate Juliana. Wow! It is definitely worth the praise. Love pears this time of the year. Those ingredients sound amazing, and what a great job you’ve done! Thanks for co-hosting Fiesta Friday this week 🙂

  4. Nicole @ yumsome

    What a great idea!

    I just so happen to have some locally-grown pears that I bought at the market last week, which still have not ripened, and was thinking of poaching them. Pffff… gonna to do this instead (minus the mascarpone, and I’ll use my vegan biscotti recipe).

    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • chefjulianna

      I love poached pears too, Nicole! But it is fun to make something different from time to time! There is so much flavour in the biscotti that you may never even miss the mascarpone! Let me know how they turn out! 😀

  5. Lily

    This is a work of art Julianna! I can only imagine how amazingly delicious it is. What a combination of so many fabulous things, baked pears, biscotti, mascarpone and dulce de leche – oh my!

  6. FrugalHausfrau

    I just had to immediately stop by when I saw this on Throwback Thursday to see if there is anything delicious that DIDN’T go in this, lol!! What a mind-boggling masterpiece!! I think they should serve this during the debate next week and not allow any talking with the mouth full! Lol!!

  7. Michelle

    These look ridiculously amazing!
    I love pears and can’t wait to try!

  8. Bernadine

    This sounds really good! At first I thought, what the heck!!but then I said, this looks really good! I’m definitely going to try this recipe! Please check out and follow my blog, Thanks again!!!🙂😀😀😀

  9. Dangerspouse

    I love creative recipes like this! I also love pears, so this is definitely on the “to do”Cooking List. Thanks for posting it.

    But isn’t “biscotti” a bit of a misnomer here, the dough not being twice cooked? Oh well, a rose by any other name, and all that. I bet it’s still heavenly 🙂


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